Where’s My Spouse?


By Dr. Richard Chern, MD

Dr Chern Photo

We’ve had occasional calls over the years from husbands who feel their wives are slipping away. They call saying they are desperate to get their wives back. After years of marriage when a relationship should be getting easier, it seems like things are only getting more difficult. I always thought this was light hearted banter but last week we got two of these calls in one day and both husbands seemed to have a real desperation in their voices and a real fear of losing a life-long partner.

It made me think back to a married couple I took care of nearly ten years ago. I did a consultation with the husband first and he agreed to treatment. During the hormone treatment he admitted to me that his wife was just not the same person. They rarely went out, were rarely intimate, and frequently argued. He was tired of feeling angry all the time and believed his marriage was headed towards divorce. During the consultation with his wife I heard many of the same complaints and the conversation ended with her telling me she was planning on divorcing her husband because they just couldn’t get along anymore.

Six months later I was surprised to see them return together. As I treated each of them that day they told me they had never felt better and their relationship was better than ever. They felt like they were dating again and were rediscovering each other in a brand new way. As they checked out at the front desk I could hear them giggling and teasing each other. When our front desk asked if they were happy with the therapy they jokingly said it had saved their marriage. I heard this as I was walking back to my office and knew it was no joke at all. I already knew how much hormone therapy had helped me, but this made me realize how much it can help a relationship and how hormones affect our perspective and outlook in every aspect of our lives.

I’ve been on this treatment program so long it’s hard for me to remember what feeling bad feels like. I do remember struggling to survive the day, being tired all the time fighting to concentrate, and faking a good mood at work only to bring home all my aggravation and give it to my family. I remember spending my free time sleeping, eating, and watching TV even though I wanted to do so much more.

There are many fears and preconceived notions about hormones. They are all wrong.  Research has proven that bio-identical hormone therapy is beneficial in countless ways with very little, if any risk.

If you feel you’re not the person you used to be or your spouse has lost that vibrancy for life then let us know. I think we can help.

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