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If you have never seen a whale protecting a diver from a shark, then Caters Clips and Caters TV are right up your alley. Caters TV News Agency is a well known name in the online video community, with over 200 thousand subscribers and over 200 million youtube views. Caters TV brings forth unusual and interesting videos. Their team of professional journalists search to find trending videos before they go viral. In their partnership with 30A Media, Caters TV recently launched a ROKU Channel devoted to Caters TV videos, available here www.channelstore.roku.com/details/147483/caterstv.


Caters News is the UK’s oldest independent press agency and was founded in 1927 by Herbert S Cater.Today, the Caters group has 45 staff working out of their Birmingham HQ, and Broadway based New York Bureau and their sister agency, Mercury Press in Liverpool. It is a supplier of content to news outlets worldwide – with an online archive and access to millions of images and digital assets.

Their text, photographs and videos are published and broadcast daily across national and international newspapers and magazines, websites and TV throughout the world, and their news feed is subscribed to by leading world names in several countries. Cutting edge technology, slick business practices along with the same old Caters determination to succeed, enable Caters to be a global force, supplying content to more than 40 countries worldwide. Lianne Ryan – Head of Licensing at Caters said recently, “I am super excited to partner with the Caters TV ROKU channel and 30A Media! I know there are many viewers on ROKU who enjoy watching our media on their TV instead of computers or phones, so we are ecstatic to reach a new audience with the ROKU app. New videos will be added to the lineup at the same time as the YouTube channel, keeping you up to date on Caters TV.”

The new channel has been developed by 30a TV’s developer division for Roku, and is fast gaining great viewership and popularity. Roku lets video developers start their own dedicated cable channel with revenue generation through commercials. It has a 44% share of streaming TV, with 1,700+ free and premium channels available over Web TV box. It can be purchased via retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. “We are delighted to help Caters TV launch their new channel,” say Paul Vizard, CEO of 30a Media. “The early statistics are fantastic, and this channel is poised to be one of the most popular on ROKU.”

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