The Lotus Life; One Step at a Time


By Lauren Catanese

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take one step at a time.”

How is your journey going…the life you are living? When we are little, we dream big and have all these different aspirations and experiences we want to accomplish. Then life happens, right? And we get taken down in what seems like opposite directions from where we were wanting to go. Some seem to keep a straighter path, while others seem to keep doing a dance in the same circle. No matter how crazy and disjointed life may feel at times, there is always a purpose.

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Life will bring us through and to just what our souls cry out for even if we don’t know what it’s saying. Our inner wisdom is interconnected indefinitely to the divine and while our physical selves don’t understand the pain, the detours, the unexpected experiences that happen for us, there is a part of inside that gets it. It’s our inner gumption that shines like a bright light and speaks faith and hope to us when we need to hear it the most. Asking us to just take one step towards that which opens our hearts. Trusting that once we have taken that first action the next will follow. We don’t have to see our entire journey in one big jump, we get to be grateful and witness each moment and fully be present with the step we are on. Because here in that one step lies the entire universe: all-encompassing and whole, fully, and complete, a radiance of love that is available to you in every moment. We don’t just have one big bang of joy in the end. But a whole life full of all colors and experiences to share with those with love. So, take the next best step and love it like it’s your dream come true! Because it is.

Stepping towards your dreams:

    1. Step One: What is it you want to create? What does your heart desire to manifest into fruition? It is particularly important to not just think about what you want, but how you want to feel. When you see yourself having or doing what you want, what emotions come up for you? Joy, peace, abundance, fulfillment, loved? Focus on how you want to feel. Because if you think about it, the reason we want certain things to happen to us is because we think that it will cause us to feel a certain way. So, it’s not really about “what” we want to create, but how we want to feel while experiencing it.
    2. Step Two: Now that you know how you want to feel, close your eyes, and ask,” What is one step I can do today towards feeling this?” Or “What is one action step I can take today towards creating this?” When you ask you will get a feeling, an intuitive thought, maybe an image will pop up in your mind. Trust it. It might be something that seems simple and insignificant. But trust what you get. Whatever it may be, however big or small.
    3. Step three: Take action! Take that step you felt guided to take. It seems pretty easy, and it is. The reasons why we might not take any action could be many. But do not get caught up in all of that. Just trust in the process and muster up enough courage and self-discipline and just do it! You will have a feeling of accomplishment even from completing one step.
    4. Step Four: Say thank you to the Divine and yourself for actually doing it and repeat as necessary.

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