Give Yourself Permission


By Lauren Catanese

New Lauren

The enjoyment of life doesn’t come from anywhere else except from ourselves. We allow ourselves to feel or not to feel what we do. This is a moment in your life. What is real is what you are currently feeling. Nothing that happens in the future nor anything that happened in the past matters, except how you are feeling right now. So how are you feeling? There is no correct response, just be honest.

In this moment, I feel peaceful. I feel peaceful because I rode my bike to a pavilion on the beach to write this article. I share this because the feeling is profound for me. I am grateful because I created this moment for myself. And I was able to create it, because I gave myself permission.

Life is meant to be enjoyed! We have been given a playground, so give yourself permission to go out and play for no other reason than because you want to. Because it makes you feel something inside that puts a smile on your face and in that moment, your moment, you are free to do so. Cut through the chains and break out of the cages that we have built around ourselves. We limit ourselves out of fear. We trap our desires and dreams. We do not need permission to enjoy our lives from anyone else but ourselves. Stop giving your power away to others. Don’t settle or live out of obligation. Don’t task out your life because you feel unworthy of the blessings. Our worth is not determined by our actions. We are worthy beings whether we sit on a couch or invent the next biggest gadget that helps the world. We are worthy when we feel anger towards someone we love, and worthy when we are making someone else’s life better, and whether we do or don’t do anything does not matter. We are worthy because we exist! It is our experience that we take from our actions, so how you want to experience life is up to you.

So, live in the moment because you want to. Experience life and be selfish with your time. We are all vibrationally connected, so doing what makes you happy sends out a ripple effect to all those around you. Life is grand! So be grand in your own right, however that looks or means. Give yourself permission to live your highest and best life. I have a feeling miracles might just follow you.

3 ways of Giving Yourself Permission:

  1. Declare it! Make a pledge to yourself, write it out. Put into words that you are going to give yourself permission to live life to the fullest and whatever that means to you.
  2. Feel it! Close your eyes. Feel the light inside you. Feel it coming from your heart. Feel it coming from your power center in your belly. Let the light get bigger and bigger until it completely surrounds you, this is your essence. When you connect to it and let it shine, you cannot help but listen to its guidance as it leads you on your path.
  3. Do it! What is something that if you did it today, would make your heart smile? Got it, now go out there and do it! Give yourself permission to be free and to be you!
SWal Life
Author: SWal Life