The Gift of Life


By Lauren Catanese

Lauren Catanese

Life is like a song. A melodic tune that carries with it all kinds of notes and inflections, pauses, rises & deeper hues. But also, just like your favorite song, life always keeps flowing. We are the witnesses to what is created and we feel the different points but all the while keep moving along.

What choice do we have? We could stop in our tracks, dig our heels into the ground, cross our arms and with a pouty face demand no. But that wouldn’t stop the song. Even though at times we take shelter in our innermost cave. We have to at some point come out for air, feel the sunshine and nourish our souls and body. We at some point inherently understand that while we feel we have stopped time, it actually has continued to move forward and we have to accept the road we are on and keep traveling. And in that moment of releasing resistance to what is and in the reckoning there is a moment of bliss. A juicy space that fills our body with warmth and our face with a smile because we cannot help the fact that we are human beings, alive, breathing and able to experience another moment in this life. And that is the gift. No matter the tune that is playing in your world, it will shift and flow and it will be high and it will be low but there will still be a tune that carries you forward. Because as long as you are here this world needs you! – your life and very existence- your light to shine in all its glory. However big or small that may be. It’s yours. Your life is yours and it’s yours to receive as a gift. The juiciness of life is found in every moment. The melody that is your song beats for you and those that can hear it. So I say it again: Life is a gift. The gift is Life. Now go and be free! Live mighty! And smile to another that might have forgotten their own tune- and just maybe you can help someone remember their own song and find their groove back into their true soul’s essence.

SWal Life
Author: SWal Life