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Meet Lisa Cyr

I grew up in Framingham Massachusetts where the public schools had developed a large music program. Beginning in third grade, I took up clarinet and piano and through high school was actively involved in band, musicals, chorus, summer programs, and music theory. I studied music in college, graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Music Minor and for many years worked in a variety of office positions. After I married Ray (33 adventuresome years ago) and was raising three children, I decided to stay home. In 1990, I began teaching piano lessons out of our home. Seven years later, we moved to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  I furthered my education at Northwest Florida State College earning my Professional Teacher’s Certificate K-6. In 2011, we opened my piano studio to other teachers/instruments which was the beginning of Studio 237 Music School. What I love most about teaching is showing students how to find and express their joy of music. Playing an instrument is personally freeing and expressive. It is fun learning to play music written recently, or over a hundred years ago! Even more inspiring is creating melodies and songs.

Lisa Cyr Art Work Jan 2019

My typical saying and goal for a student is to “Take what you do know to figure out what you don’t know.” I like to connect what the student has learned to new musical concepts. It’s fun to watch their face light up when they “get it.”

Students have unique styles of learning, personality, and life experiences.  A balance of sensitivity to the student and parent is an important aspect of my teaching. I wish there was a recipe for it. I have learned, over time, to have a light-hearted attitude.

At the end of each teaching day, I think fondly about students’ breakthroughs and achievements. Their smiles and satisfaction are rewarding to me. Learning a musical instrument is a life skill that is kept within you. Student’s learn how to take on challenges, to express themselves, develop intrinsic motivation, and enjoy doing their best. Sometimes, I feel like a cheerleader. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my gift of music with others.

Lisa Cyr teaches piano at Studio 237 Music School to children and adults.  Call 850-231-3199 to visit the studio and schedule lessons. Visit their website at:

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