September 2020 Book Review; Three Muslims and a Jew


Three Muslims and a Jew is the often hilarious memoir of Morris Aaron Shapiro- a Jewish man who has come through the school of hard knocks and graduated summa cum laude! Morey’s childhood adventures read much like a Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn story, since he had virtually no adult supervision in his early years. This lack of parental involvement in his life led to a near train wreck in his teenage years. Then, after being pressured into the “marriage from hell,” this completely undisciplined young man was drafted into military service—- think of a male Private Benjamin. These are some of the funniest stories in the book. Though his life seemed to be just one disaster after another for many years, Morey made a unique decision at age 22, which profoundly changed the course of his journey. This wild and crazy Bar mitzvahed and Hebrew-schooled Jewish boy had an encounter with Jesus and came to embrace Him as the promised Jewish Messiah.

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Though there were plenty of tests and trials along the journey, for Morey, God was faithful and the peace and joy he has experienced in walking with His Savior through many decades has been completely transforming and fulfilling.
It’s interesting to note that of the world’s population of seven and a half billion people there are only 15 million Jews, and of that number only 4.3 percent are considered Messianic— that is believing in Jesus as Messiah.
The book describes many extremely colorful characters that have made an impact on Morey’s life. There is a substantial focus on his friendship with three Muslim men that came about in a very surprising fashion. Among the many fascinating stories recounted are testimonies of actual miracles he has witnessed including one in his immediate family. An appendix concludes the work with a comparison of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Three Muslims and a Jew is lighthearted and inspirational, but also possesses a profound depth which will captivate the reader’s heart. It is available for purchase now on

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