Rockwell Tharp Ladies Boutique- Inside the Story of Faith and Fashion


Over 10 years ago, after we had designed our first 6 boot styles, we were so thrilled and excited.  We immediately knew we had something fabulous on our hands. We realized the demand for what we created far exceeded our initial small production.  We knew we needed to sit down and really have a heart to heart about the future and what message we wanted our brand to send to our customers and stores.

Of course, we solicited advice from close family, friends and business mentors that we trusted.  We knew we that we wanted to be bold and incorporate our core beliefs and faith into our business.  We thought it would be really neat to develop a zipper handle for all Rockwell Tharp Boots that had an engraved Bible verse on it.

We asked around and for the most part people were pretty encouraging and supportive of our idea, however we quickly found out that some were very against having a bible verse on our designs.  They said it would cost us lots of business to profess our faith out in the business world.

So, we took into consideration everyone’s thoughts and we agreed to sleep on it overnight.  The next morning came quickly and so did our decision.  It was a resounding and unanimous decision that yes, we were going to move forward and share our faith within our business.

We then learned that if we wanted to do a custom zipper, we would have to produce thousands of them and that would come at a high dollar price.  Well.. we hadn’t factored that in, but it did not matter. We were able to come up with the funds, pull the trigger, design the zipper handle and put thousands into production.

And now 10 years later, that very zipper handle is on almost every pair of boots we’ve ever made.  They are on our lovely Ladies wearing Rockwell Tharp boots all across the world, on various TV shows, magazines, CBS News, an array of awesome celebrities and of course, in all the stores across the US and Canada that we’ve had the privilege of designing for over the years.

We have watched God open and close many doors and the zipper choice goes back to the very beginning– a special decision, having a lasting impact- and little did we know, at the time, where it would lead.

Over the years, we have incorporated other important faith items into our business. We have a prayer jar loaded with prayers located at the checkout and we are amazed how many people are eager to have their prayers put in there and know that they will be prayed for.  We also put a little special surprise in each of our shopping bags and it is worth more than everything else in the bag! Come on by to find out.

At Rockwell Tharp, we love and embrace all people, with all beliefs.  We simply share ours and we enjoy doing it. God continues to bless us and we would love to be a blessing to you.

We are glad we have incorporated our faith into our business and if you are a business owner or work in another business, there are many ways to share you faith, love and kindness.  Business and faith can go together. You can do both! We made our decisions, regarding sharing and we have never regretted them and never looked back.

Rockwell Tharp Ladies Boutique is the only location in the United States where you can see the entire boot collection in one place.  This is really neat for Sandestin and The Emerald Coast.  Be sure to experience shopping Rockwell Tharp and always look for our authentic signature custom zipper handle.  And know before you ever walked through our doors, you were prayed for! -II Cor 5:7.

SWal Life
Author: SWal Life