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By Rita Sherwood 


In 2018, after being drawn to the South Walton area and its beautiful beaches, Rhea Ross and her husband Mike built their second home in Inlet Beach, FL. They experienced firsthand how the dream of owning a beach home could easily turn into a nightmare. After vetting a dozen area management companies and eventually doing business with a few, they found that most made big promises but under-delivered. They knew there had to be a better way, and wanted to be part of the solution. This decision led them to sell their St. Louis home, move permanently to Florida, and put down roots in the area.

Leaving the Midwest also meant leaving behind her career. After 21 years as a healthcare professional, Rhea honed her attention to detail, organization, and listening skills. Now, she’s transforming that client-focused attitude into a new perspective on home watching. Honesty Guard Homewatch is a service based on honesty, integrity, and hard work. Rhea is excited to be following her passion and partner with Tim Collins, an established and trusted 30A real estate broker at Coastal Premier Properties.

Rhea gets asked often, “What exactly is home watching?” Home watching is more than performing a checking list; in reality, it is caring for the homeowner and their home.   A home watch is a valuable service providing peace of mind and protection to home investment through systematic and comprehensive oversight. Gathering mail, newspapers, flyers, and packages create a sense of presence in an unoccupied home, and avoids unwanted attention. Trained eyes look for signs of vandalism, weather damage, leaks, pests, mold, and other household issues that could lead to more expensive fixes down the road. Honesty Guard Homewatch provides open communication and frequent status updates to inform the homeowner of minor problems in order to find a resolution before it balloons into something more serious.

The Rosses know from sitting on the other side of the table that it’s challenging to place trust and one’s home into someone else’s hands. Honesty Guard Homewatch strives to be an extension of the homeowner. Their client-focused service is first and foremost about protecting one’s home. They offer two tiers of services for the second homeowner, and even have a service for full-time residents who just need a little help while they get away. To see the complete list of services, check out HonestyGuard.com or email info@HonestyGuard.com, as they look forward to earning your trust and your business!

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