Our Local Pro: Jimmy Chapin and Sand Dollar One Property Management


When Jimmy Chapin purchased Sand Dollar One in June of 2019, he had a clear mission and purpose in mind: “to create the best property management company on 30A.” Calling on a lifetime of business experience and practical wisdom, he set out to build the finest team on 30A.  “Because people make up the backbone of the organization and make it successful,” he says. “We have been incredibly blessed to find talented people that love the vacation management business.” Jimmy believes “the golden rule” is still the key to building a truly great organization. “If you focus on helping others succeed, you in turn will succeed…it’s so rewarding. I believe we’ve built the best team on 30A.”


Img 4756 EditedWhen you walk into the Sand Dollar One office in Santa Rosa Beach, you are greeted with their mission statement: “As a relationship driven company committed to providing the best service of property management on 30A, we are consistently adding value to our owner’s properties. Through commitment to excellence, our number 1 priority is to provide superior service, and to create long-lasting personal relationships. We provide a culture of partnerships with our owners and guide them to success.” 

Jimmy says, “as one being in the service industry, you must understand what the customer wants and then work to find a way to exceed their expectations. Attention to details, understanding, and a desire to excel are the keys to our success.”

Sand Dollar One uses the acronym CARES to express its core Values:

Compassion – We treat both owners and guests with understanding, kindness and concern.

Action – We are constantly in contact updating owners on big and small projects.

Respect – Owners have worked hard to earn their vacation home. We honor them by protecting their legacy.

Excellence – We go the extra mile to provide the best experience possible for owners and guests.

Service – We cultivate personal relationships with owners and guests because superior service is our specialty.

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Some may think it’s just cliche to talk about “Teamwork, Compassion, Action, Respect, Excellence and Service,” but for Jimmy Chapin and his team at Sand Dollar One, the sentiment is genuine. “We really want to practice what we preach,“ he said. “I believe the larger companies just can’t provide the same level of service we can. We focus on the little things and treat our customers and guests the way we would want to be treated. Just like the good Book says!”


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