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Bio-hack for Anti-Aging: avoid the 3 Gs!

By Dr. Bart Precourt, D.C. 

Dr Bart Precourt

Want to look great? Think clearly? Feel good? … of course, we do! And this is why the idea of incorporating strategies to “anti-age” have become more and more popular. Is it vain to want to feel great, look great and think clearly? If it is… I’m guilty and will encourage you to be also.

Instead of thinking about just procedures that we have done to us, let’s switch our mindset to the actions we can take. The goal is to truly slow down and even reverse the actual causes of aging.

First let me be clear that there is nothing wrong with aging, it’s a part of life. This bio-hack of avoiding the 3 Gs is simply a way to develop a solid strategy so you can slow down the process and avoid the “unnecessary” and detrimental effects of aging too fast.

Understanding and avoiding the 3 Gs will be your greatest weapon in the war against the aging process.

The 3 Gs to avoid!

Glucose: (aka Sugar)

Better known as SUGAR or anything that converts into sugar. A good question is WHY? What’s wrong with sugar? It  tastes good, gives us energy changes our mood. So, what’s so bad about it? It comes down to a simple formula. Sugar causes an increase in oxidation. This oxidation is at the root cause of our bodies breaking down and aging. That is why we hear the importance of eating foods that are high in “anti-oxidants” like vegetables and plants or using supplements like Co-Q10 or the full complex vitamin C.  These anti-oxidants help rid our bodies of these cell-destroying free radicals.


I’m going to make a bold statement. “We would ALL be better off without gluten.” You don’t have to have a gluten allergy to be adversely affected by it. Gluten is found in foods like bread, cereals, pizza, muffins, crackers etc. It’s not that humans can’t handle a little gluten here and there. It’s that we probably have consumed too much gluten over time. The side effects from gluten are numerous: weight gain, bloating, brain fog, acne, auto-immune, hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction- just to name a few.

What all this leads to is INFLAMMATION on a cellular level. This is what speeds up the aging process! Inflammation has long been considered the root of all evil. “The three G’s” all contribute to more inflammation.

Inflammation on a cellular level inhibits the ability for our cells to get nutrients in and toxins out. This causes premature aging and death of our cells. A.k.a.: look and feel older than we should.


There is a chance you have never heard about this. Yet my guess is that you may unknowingly eat it every day. You may also be using it to kill weeds in your lawn with a product called RoundUP. Glyphosate is used as a chemical compound to kill weeds. It is also in GMO seeds that are considered RoundUP ready. These are shockingly in common everyday foods we consume. These seeds are used to grow the majority of crops in our country. The most common are corn, soy, canola oil and potatoes.  So yes, all that talk about eating organic and non-GMO foods is right on!

When you eat foods born by seeds that are roundup ready, you are consuming glyphosate.

What’s the problem with that you ask? It directly shortens your telomeres and down regulates your DNA function. Ultimately it is one of the worst toxins that we can put into our bodies. These toxins are not only destructive to our cells they cause increased inflammation. Both of which lead to speeding up cellular death and the aging process.

More Anti-Aging bio-hacks:

Avoiding the bad stuff is part of the strategy, the other part is to add the good! Here are some time-tested easy strategies for some true anti-aging. Top of the list: SLEEP! Get and stay well rested. Increase your essential fatty acids: fish oils! These help brain function and reduce inflammation. And one more… eat less often. Give your motor a chance to rest and recover.

Be healthy, act healthy…

SWal Life
Author: SWal Life