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Dave HollandEvery Day Jesus 
by Dave Holland

This is a 40-Day devotional/Bible study inviting you to join Luke as he unveils the pathway to experiencing the living Christ. The book demonstrates how to follow Jesus by walking through the Gospel of Luke verse by verse.

Every Day Jesus is fire for the soul. It introduces Jesus without bias or theological bent. Luke shows us Jesus, the man above all men, the ideal human, the Son of God – the pathway to victory over sickness, poverty, obstacles and the trials of life.

People ask themselves who Jesus really is, “Why is everybody trying to draw me into their brand of Christianity? What could He possibly do for me? How has this simple Man impacted history so profoundly while stirring such controversy?” This book answers those questions. If you want to know the Jesus who restores people’s lives with His unassuming presence and powerful words, this devotional is for you. These bare scriptures, accompanied by insightful stories and applications, help you catch the breath of the Spirit, and refresh your soul.

Follow Luke around as he uncovers more of the life of Jesus each day. Don’t get stuck in the muck and mire of life, walk with Jesus as your friend and not just a distant deity. The book ushers you into the Lord’s inner circle of disciples.

Luke is the only Gentile author of a Bible book. As an educated man steeped in Greco-Roman culture, Luke is similar to us. It is the most culturally relevant gospel to us who live in Western civilization. Luke speaks to the discipleship needs of emerging spirituality by simply showing the life and lessons of Christ. Contemporary Christians need this same Jesus. The average reader can finish a daily devotion in less than 15 minutes.

Every Day Jesus explains Luke Chapters 1-5 paragraph by paragraph – experience by experience. The second book, Extraordinary Jesus, picks up the next phase of Christ’s ministry in Luke 5-9 and constitutes book 2 in Daily Jesus Series.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk with Jesus in Israel? Are you troubled by the division and turmoil that seems to follow churches and denominations? Are you sick of theological strife? This book will lead you to the surprising discovery that Jesus is not divisive. Yes, He will demand your whole heart, but He will not make you critical or unloving. This Jesus is incredible!

Absorb the scriptures daily, walk with Jesus through the stories and commentary provided, and respond by praying according to that day’s reading. You will experience Jesus by following Him on the roads of Palestine and responding to the events of His life. This practice is the essence of Christianity and the fuel that will cause you to burn with pure passion. Come walk with Jesus Every Day through the pages of Every Day Jesus by local author, Dave Holland!

Local Authors Announce New ReleasesEnjoy Today, Own Tomorrow: Discover the Power to Live the Life You Love
by Laine Lawson Craft

Do you long to be whole, healed and full of life? What would it look like if your situation was turned upside down and inside out with God’s undeniable power? An expert at being hurt and wounded by life, local author Laine Lawson Craft knows firsthand from her own trials, tests and tragedies how to find healing.

She wrote Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow: Discover the Power to Live the Life You Love because we all know that we don’t get through this life without being hurt. However, far too many of us are not enjoying life because of broken hearts and shattered dreams. So, she’s spent years gathering stories from real women that have gone from hurt to healed.
“Together we will learn how they walked out of hurt into healing and how you can too,” says Laine. “You will be encouraged that hope is available, healing is possible and the power you need is waiting to help.”

Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow will show you how to start winning in life by spending literally seconds each day discovering God’s power. As you reconnect, realign and reactivate, you’ll discover the power to walk confidently into tomorrow and live your dreams!

Laine is a funny and inspiring author, television host, speaker, and entrepreneur. She founded WHOAwomen and owned and published WHOAwomen magazine. She has authored two books, Feeling God’s Presence Today, a 365-day daily devotional, and Start Again from Scratch: A No-Fail Recipe to Revive Your Marriage.

Laine has been the mouthpiece of sharing intimate and compelling stories from women who are overcomers of abuse, addictions, failed relationships, betrayal and more. She has personally experienced supernatural healing, restoration of her own marriage, miraculous touches of God, and has witnessed thousands of life transformations through the power of God.

She and her husband, Steve, have been married for more than 33 years and have three adult children.

Available nationwide August 17, 2020, Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow can be preordered on Amazon. For more information, visit lainelawsoncraft.com.