Is it Safe to Work Out at the Gym?


A growing body of evidence is suggesting that working out at your health club carries no more risk than any other indoor facility that you might be visiting. The most recent evidence comes from a random, two-week study that began on May 22, studying five different gyms in Oslo, Norway with 3764 study participants ages 18 to 64-years-old with no underlying health conditions. During the study, 80% of the participants used the gyms once, with 38% visiting over six times. Half of the study group were also told to keep away from the gym, for the purpose of comparison. Sticking to social distancing rules (one meter for ‘floor exercise’ and two meters for high-intensity classes), the study participants also used hand sanitizer regularly and had lockers available. After the two weeks, the participants took an antibody test on June 8th.

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The results of the study displayed an interesting result — of the 3764 participants, only one person caught coronavirus, but was part of the group that had not attended the gym. Conversely, over the study period, 207 people had contracted coronavirus in Oslo.

“This shows us that low-prevalence environments are safe for gyms and probably just about everything else. It is very unlikely you will get infected,” explained Dr. Gordon Guyatt, a professor of medicine at McMaster University to the New York Times. ”You can’t stay locked down forever. We are never going to be completely free of this thing. And in a low-prevalence environment, the risk is low wherever you go — gyms or grocery stores or even restaurants.”

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