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Healthy HacksBy Kay Leaman, Health Architect,
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It’s not only back to school—it’s back to routines, after school activities and food on the go. Does your fast food budget increase after school is in full swing? (I’m not so sure ‘fast’ is part of the equation these days; it’s more ‘patience’ food.) Colds and various types of flu can be creeping in, interfering with our schedules and all of this together increases our stress.

So, what are your health hacks? Which ones give you the biggest bang for your buck? Because every family dynamic is a bit different, your hacks might be as well. Here are some of my healthy hacks:

Healthy HacksI always give myself 30 minutes in the morning to enjoy the quiet, read my devotional, drink a glass of water, check the weather and just relax while I wake up.

A healthy breakfast is usually a meal replacement shake or overnight oatmeal.

My supplements are next: a quality vitamin, mineral antioxidant blend, immunity booster, stress relief supplement, vitamin D, brain support and a few others.

I prepare for my day (check my schedule and get everything out I need such as business materials, grocery list, frozen meat for dinner, errand items, etc. Whatever I’m doing is all laid out, packed and ready to go.)

After dinner I take my PM supplements, check my emails and my schedule for tomorrow (This helps me know what time I need to set the alarm.), turn my phone off and relax.
A night of quality sleep offers big benefits.

Rant: There are probably many of you who remember phones that were attached to a cord. Messages had to wait until we got home. I still like this philosophy. Even though I take my phone with me (most of the time), I’ve practiced not being attached to it. These little ingenious devices are many times a source of stress and repetitive stress is unhealthy.

What might be a few healthy hacks for families and singles?

Double up. If you’re cutting veggies up for dinner or throwing together lunches, go ahead and put together extra for the next day or two or double the recipe. It only takes a few extra minutes and works great for grab and go days. It can also give you a day off of cooking dinner when you double the recipe.

Set aside some time just for you. Whatever this looks like for you, find time in the crooks and crannies of your life to just be with yourself enjoying your favorite drink, scenery, hobby, etc.

Be consistent with your AM and PM routine. Every day is filled with surprises, setbacks, added ‘to dos’ and delays. Having a consistent routine before and after all of your ‘in betweens’ can lower stress, improve your quality of sleep, relax your mind, improve your mood, heighten your focus.

Set up a weekly date. This can be a family date, a date with a friend or spouse, etc. Take time every week to disconnect from everything else and connect with others. Share what you’re grateful for, and laugh!

Consider ordering from a healthier restaurant and skip the fast food. These days, you can place an order to go and many places will bring it to your car. A home cooked meal is always the best choice, but it’s not always possible. When this is the case, you can still improve what you are putting in your body. Choose wisely.

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