Happiness is a Choice


By Lauren Catanese

Lauren Catanese

Happiness is a choice. We say we are happy when things go our way; we get the job we wanted, our kids behave, our relationships are healthy. When life is pleasing to us it is easy to say we are happy. But how long does that last? Only as long until the kids start to scream, works stresses us out, or we get into an argument with someone we love. Hello unhappiness. It’s a vicious cycle really. We flip flop between happiness and unhappiness, staying caught in the moments that make us sad or unhappy. We get stuck in these spaces. And happiness eludes us. Happiness becomes something that is conditional upon what events we experience in our lives. But what if it didn’t have to be this way. What if we could train ourselves to be happy no matter what happened in our lives? Think of it. If you were happy no matter what circumstances or situations you went through, if you could find a way to just be happy, then life opens up. You could live without worrying, without analyzing and dramatizing. Happiness can be a choice and we can make the commitment to choose happiness every moment of the day no matter what. This does not mean that you ignore your feelings or become numb to the experiences in life. We never know how much time we have here on earth. Each day is a gift. Things are going to happen. We all are going to have events occur that cause us to feel everything other than happiness. it is going to happen. So make the commitment now, that no matter what, you can get through it and you can be happy all the while why you do. Here are some tips on how to choose happiness the next time you begin to feel uncomfortable or distraught:

      1. Be conscious that you are feeling something other than happiness. The moment you recognise yourself having that conversation you have become the witness to your own emotions in your life. This is a conscious step forward!
      2. Stay open. It’s easy to want to clam up, run away or hide from your pain or uncomfortable feelings. When you close up you are blocking off your supply of light and love. So even when your mind wants you to lock it up, keep your heart open.
      3. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Let them come up. When I first heard this it didn’t always make sense to me, but by practicing, when it does happen I better understand what it means. In this space, just notice the thoughts that are coming up. Notice in your body where you are feeling it and just be aware of what’s going on. But don’t listen to it. Don’t act on it. Don’t judge it. Just let it come and do its thing. Trust me, it will pass.
      4. Let it go. Let those feelings go, because you have made the commitment that no matter what happens in life you are going to be happy. Feelings come and go. But, instead of holding on to the pain you feel, let the feelings to pass through you, not get stuck. Just by simply feeling them, and letting them go.


  1. So choose happiness SoWal and have a great August!!
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