Feeling into the Holiday Spirit


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” -Rumi

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The holiday season is shining bright and hopefully bringing lots of excitement, love and laughter into your life. The days seem to be filled with more cheer and it seems that more and more people allow it to fill up their hearts. So much so that our daily interactions feel more joyful. Allowing the spirit of the season to consume your being can be healing. You are letting in more love, releasing constricting energy, and letting yourself become more present in the moment. That really is the magic of the season, isn’t it? Allowing more love to flow through. Allowing more light, allowing more positive energy to come in and stay a little longer. And the gift of the season is sharing that love with others. Letting your light shine. Shining on those that might have forgotten how to feel it, need a little more, or to let it expand and shine even brighter. Feel the love. Feel the magic. Let it fill your heart with joy. No matter what life is bringing to you now, choose to believe. Choose to go on the path of love. Life lived in joy is a life richer and fuller than staying living in fear. Find your place in love. And share that with all. Happy Holidays! Many blessings and love to all of yours! May your heart be full with love and may you have someone amazing to share it with.

FIVE ways to feel Holly and jolly:

  1. Gratitude- it’s the easiest way to shift your energy. Think about at least one thing you are grateful for. In every moment in life we have at least one.
  2. Visualize- remember a moment or experience that brought you bliss. Or create a moment where you can imagine yourself feeling love. Close your eyes and take yourself there. Let the feelings encompass your entire being.
  3. Create- we are creative beings in need of sharing. There are so many ways to be creative from painting to the way we clean our house. Maybe you put a little jig in your step.
  4. Give- when we do something, anything for someone else, it’s like an intrinsic reaction comes upon us and we feel elated. There are lots of ways to give, it doesn’t have to be a gift. It could be giving your time or a smile. Knowing that we have helped someone else can really lift our own lives up in purpose.
  5. Play- this world is a playground, so get out and play. No matter your age, ability, or circumstance. DO something that makes you laugh, feel giddy, and get you out of your head. Say yes to life’s experiences that come to you.


SWal Life
Author: SWal Life