Emerald Coast Energy Solutions: 5 Energy Savings Myths


By Chris Balzer

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Saving energy and lowering our utility bills seems to be on everyone’s mind lately.  We get advice from neighbors, friends, blogs, big box stores and internet searches. Sometimes this advice can get confusing or contradicting, and we decide to do nothing.  Let’s face it, saving energy has an important impact which we all have a role in.  So here are 5 popular energy saving myths.

Myth #1:  Leaking tubs and faucets are not that big of a deal.

Surprising, one faucet leaking two drops of water per second will waste 200 gallons of water in a month.  Two faucets will waste 400 gallons of water.  What if the leak came from the hot water side?  Leaking faucets on the hot water side puts a continual strain on your water heater and costs you money and energy.  In most cases, fixing leaky faucets will only cost a few cents to replace the washer.  I recently called the manufacturer of my faucet and they sent replacement parts for free.

Pro Tip:  To check if your faucet leaks, put a dry cup under the faucet at night.  Check the cup in the morning, no water, no leak…

Myth #2: Leaving ceiling fans on, cools down the room when you’re not there.

This is a common practice but don’t be fooled.  Fans don’t cool the room, only circulate air.  We experience a cooling sensation from moisture evaporating from our skin.  Leaving fans on all the time wastes energy and money.

Pro Tip: The ceiling fan direction in summer should be counterclockwise to help create a downdraft, which creates that direct, cooling breeze. Your fan direction in winter needs to be clockwise to create an updraft and circulate warm air around the room.

Myth #3: Closing off HVAC vents in rooms you aren’t using improves your HVAC system’s output and efficiency.
Your HVAC system is sized for your entire home or a zone within your house.  Closing off vents in certain rooms could actually lower the system’s efficiency.  Plus, with forced air systems, closing off vents could create a buildup of pressure in ducts which could cause cracks and gaps in ducts leaking conditioned air into your attic.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to replace your HVAC filters regularly.  Dirt and debris in your filter can obstruct air flow, increasing the workload of your cooling system. By replacing the filter regularly, you can reduce wear and tear on your air conditioner while allowing the free movement of air for improved indoor comfort.

Myth #4:  Setting the thermostat lower in the summer cools down a home faster and likewise in the winter.
HVAC systems are designed to operate at maximum power when they are first turned on.  They won’t produce cooler air just because the setting is set extremely low or hotter air when set high.  They will run longer wasting energy and money attempting to achieve arctic temperatures.

Pro Tip:  Installing a smart thermostat allows you to control settings remotely using an app from your mobile device saving you energy and increasing comfort.

Myth #5:  Appliances like TV’s, monitors, computers, and charges, when not in use or turned off, don’t use energy.  It is not necessary to unplug them.
Anything with a digital display, remote control or turns on instantly are constantly drawing energy.  Charges for cell phones, cameras, tablets, are known as “energy vampires” for a reason.  Even if they are not attached to their device they continue to draw power from the outlet.
Pro Tip: Pull the plug or flip the switch on your power strip and start saving energy.

Saving energy and becoming more efficient does not have to be difficult or costly.  Anything we can do to save energy today has an impact on tomorrow.

Chris Balzer is Founder and President of Emerald Coast Energy Solutions which is a Smile Provider Company.  We provide smiles to our customers after installing our high energy efficient products, increasing comfort and lowering energy bills.  For more information on how to save this summer and become energy efficient schedule an inspection by calling (850) 588-2870, visit www.trusteces.com or email wecare@trusteces.com and Beat the Heat.

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