Coastal Branch Library to Host the Art of Laura Bear


Laura Bear 2The Friends of the Coastal Branch Library is pleased to host the art display for Laura Bear for the month of November, 2022. Laura Bear has loved art from the day she was born, always exploring and creating.  She would have to say, the driving force behind her work has been the emotional challenges of the past fifteen years. Raising a special needs child opened her eyes to a world she would have never imagined. Due to these challenges, Laura’s work is constantly evolving through reinterpreting her daily landscape.  Each interpretation stems from ideas about her and how she relates to the world around her.  Applying infinite thin layers and mark-making, Laura  slowly builds a conversation. So, when it comes to an end, hopefully the audience continues the conversation forward. Laura Bear Fine Art contact phone number 334-324-0703.

Coastal Branch Library, 437 Greenway Trail, Santa Rosa Beach. 850-267-2809.

SWal Life
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