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Have you ever felt like you’re so busy in the day to day operations of your company that you don’t have time to focus on the online marketing and branding that running a business in 2021 requires? Trying to keep your head above water long enough to take a breath can feel overwhelming. SEO is Local is here to help.

SEO is Local, owned and operated by Shonda Rogers, specializes in helping small to medium sized local businesses reach the first page of Google with affordable internet marketing solutions. When someone is searching for a service or business, if the business doesn’t appear on the top of page one, the business will never have the opportunity to convert the searcher to a customer. This is where Shonda and her team can help.

Shonda started her SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company over 10 years ago while living in College Station, Texas. While working for an internet marketing company that specialized in large hotels, she met many local business owners who needed help to improve their online presence. Helping these business owners rise to the top of searches and get more customers was very fulfilling. That is when she realized it might be time to go a different direction with her internet marketing experience, and SEO is Local was born.

Shonda and her team specialize in internet marketing services to help local businesses improve their branding and online visibility. Services include website design, social media, content writing, getting and promoting reviews and of course SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In today’s world most businesses cannot be successful without having a prominent online presence. People use Google to research everything, including services, reviews, and products.

That said, as the business owner, navigating the ever-changing world of Google and other search engines can be confusing and overwhelming.

So what are the benefits to using a professional company such as SEO is Local to improve your business’s online ranking?

  • You rise to the top of search results and improve your chances of getting more customers and phone calls.
  • Your brand and message is consistent across various channels.
  • You stop feeling overwhelmed with your company’s online marketing and can focus on what you do best – running your business!

Shonda attributes much of the company’s success to their transparency, honesty, and genuine concern that clients succeed. This commitment to their customers has helped SEO is Local thrive even during difficult economic seasons. Monthly accountability with reports and a phone meeting when requested gives clients confidence that progress is being made and work is being completed. The SEO is Local team includes a writer, webmaster, graphics designer, and project manager.

To keep its competitive edge, it is important for the team to stay educated on Google’s changes and new products so they can advise clients when a shift might be necessary. “I think the biggest challenge is how much Google is always changing,” Shonda commented. “It is important for clients to understand that there is no magic bullet to getting on the first page of Google. Following certain steps consistently and adjusting when necessary is the key.”

SEO is Local stands out as one of the best local companies to help businesses improve their growth. Their dedication to helping clients is evident in the long-term relationships they have maintained over the years.

If you are wondering if your business could use help with SEO, or where you currently rank, a great place to start is with a FREE online audit. Simply enter your business name on the form at this link: , and you will receive a free evaluation on how your website is doing with search engine optimization.

Marketing your business is hard. SEO is Local makes it easier.

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