Breast Health and More for Mother’s Day


By Dr. Richard Chern, MD

Dr Chern

Exciting news just in time for Mother’s Day.  A new study was published in the European Journal of Breast Health.  This study was performed over ten years and looked at the rate of breast cancer in women using hormone pellet therapy compared to women in the general public and also compared to previous studies such as the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) and the Million Women Study.  The results?

The use of BioTE bio-identical hormone pellet therapy significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer! In fact…

The use of BioTE bio-identical hormone pellet therapy reduces the risk of breast cancer by over 35% compared to the general population of women. And…

The use of BioTE bio-identical hormone pellet therapy reduces the risk of breast cancer by over 50% when compared to women WHO DO NOT USE ANY hormone replacement!

This is not the first study with these results.  In fact, it’s the second and the largest study of its kind.  Are you really going to wait another 10 years for the next study to come out before getting your hormones?

Add this to the list of already proven benefits that our hormone pellet therapy provides.  This includes resolution of hot flashes, insomnia, aging skin, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, joint pain, decreased muscle tone, vaginal dryness, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis and reduced rates of other cancers as well.

I have a hard time understanding why we don’t have every post-menopausal or perimenopausal woman in our clinic already but hopefully this will help convince the rest of you to come in.

Now that we hopefully have the women on board, let’s revisit some statements from the Mayo Clinic in regarding testosterone in men.  Are you ready?

“Mortality rates are reduced by half in men with Testosterone Deficiency who received Testosterone therapy compared with untreated men” This means if you have untreated low testosterone you are twice as likely to die!

“Lower serum Testosterone concentrations are associated with increased Cardiovascular risk” while “higher levels are protective.”  This means if you have untreated low testosterone you are more likely to have a heart attack!

“Aggressive/high-grade Prostate Cancer is associated with low serum Testosterone levels”  This means if you have low testosterone and get prostate cancer you will likely die from it!  Keep in mind there is no study that has ever shown increased prostate cancer with testosterone therapy!

This doesn’t even mention the increase in energy, focus, concentration, sex drive and function you get from testosterone therapy.  Mom’s, don’t you want your spouses to be functioning at 100% and live a longer, happier and healthier life?

Please come see us.  Get your labs done at our clinic and let Sue or I discuss your labs and all the benefits our therapies provide.

Dr. Richard Chern, MD has been seeing patients for 30 years.  He has been dealing with hormones nearly the entire time.  His clinic is the only Platinum BioTE clinic in the region and he teaches doctors throughout the United States how to properly provide hormone therapy.  Why would you want to see anyone else?  He wants to help you live your best life so please call for an appointment.  850-837-1271.