A Message of Thanks From the Walton County Democratic Women’s Club


Mr. Rogers always told us to look for “the helpers” in the worst of times. We here in Florida know those helpers very well as the ones who appear to feed, to comfort and to help us rebuild after a hurricane. This past year a different kind of disaster appeared as the Covid virus invaded our country and our state. The  helpers for this disaster were the health care workers who gave countless hours caring for the sick fighting the virus. The Walton County Democratic Women’s Club wanted to show their appreciation to these workers. So with the cooperation of the Walton County Health Department and Walton County Emergency Management, we provided snacks for two vaccination events, May 5th at the Health Department and May 8th at the Boys and Girls Club of Walton County. Our health care workers have given  so much of themselves to this vaccination effort. It is our hope that all Walton County citizens take full advantage of this vaccine availability.

Democratic Women Club