30 A Songwriter Radio; Reflections of a Thankful Generation 


By Josette Rhodes

Nights at the shop have been pretty quiet for a while now. In the best interest of our customers, our musicians, and our staff, we have not been hosting any music or poetry nights. As things begin to assemble themselves in a safe order we will begin our live music and poetry nights once again. So please stay tuned. 30A  Songwriter Radio will be back Live very, very soon. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to be the first to hear the announcement of our music schedule. And don’t forget! Music & Coffee is open and serving the best coffee in town! So stop by and treat yourself. You deserve it.


This down time had me thinking back on the different guests we have had on the show over the years. I was reminded of a gentleman that I had the pleasure of interviewing about a book he had written. It seems timely to share his story. It was not our typical show as there was no music. Yet, what we heard, what was shared with all of us, is something we will not forget. Take the time to listen. Really listen.

Don Schroeder is an unassuming gentleman with a twinkle in his eye and a gift for storytelling. Mr. Schroeder is the author of the book: “ Air Raid Nights & Radio Days”. It is a book full of stories about growing up during WWII and into the 1950’s.

Shannon and I thought Mr. Schroeder’s experience with old time radio would dovetail nicely with the show. And it did. Don’s stories of the family gathered around the radio waiting to hear the latest drama or comedy coupled with his first hand knowledge of sportscasters and their tricks made for an entertaining show.

It was not until Mr. Schroeder began to talk of the war that I began to realize the treasure about to be bestowed upon us. You see, Don was not old enough to serve in the war. He does not have your typical war stories to share. He was just a kid. A teenager. A young man. A regular old joe. Only, he witnessed The Greatest Generation ensure us our freedom as a nation. It is through these eyes that he shares an intimate knowledge of what it was really like to live through what was the most defining time in the history of our western civilization.

As we sit at the cusp of what is again a defining time in our history, let us listen to each other and learn the lessons before us. Just as Mr. Schroeder did. Don Schroeder comes from a very special generation and this generation holds a key. A key to unlock something needed desperately in the world today. Listen as he speaks. Read what he has written.I heard you Mr. Schroeder. And I am Thankful.

~ Josette

Find “Air Raid Nights & Radio Days” at a bookstore near you. If you do not see it, ask for it. You can hear Mr. Schroeder tell his story in his own words at 30asongwriterradio.com/don-schroeder.

SWal Life
Author: SWal Life