Sustainable Health for Life worth living-  


Consumers are becoming educated about the importance of a long-term approach to sustaining health and wellness.  Creating a foundation makes all the difference and consists of easy steps that make huge changes in the health of the body.  

The body is always looking to maintain balance to stay healthy.  Unfortunately we all love immediate results and often quit perfectly good routines in a matter of days or weeks because we don’t “feel” any different. The truth is you don’t feel your cells as they repair or degenerate.  The proof of how your body is functioning reveals itself with disease or health.  

I am so excited our culture is shifting to “Healthy is beautiful” as we mature in our experience and attitude towards aging and health.  So let’s look over a few critical steps to build a foundation of health.

First is mindset.  I name this first because no one can make this decision for you.  You either want to be healthy or you don’t really have any interest.   This is an individual choice and I respect that.  The outcome though can determine the quality of life you wish to enjoy.

The second step is to get balanced nutrients that are absorbed and used by the body.  I wish I could say that all the nutrients we need are found in the food we eat but that simply isn’t the case anymore.  Soil depletion, chemical sprays and harvesting with shipping practices in mind instead of ripeness, guarantees are food supply is lacking in essential nutrients.   

Another step is to keep your blood sugar level.  High blood sugar levels if untreated will cause short-term effects and long-term complications. High blood sugar levels over the short term do not cause any damage to the organs of your body, however they will cause you to feel tired and weak, be thirsty and be susceptible to infections.  High blood sugar levels over the long term, let’s just say years, can lead to, poorly controlled diabetes and can also contribute to heart disease, along with inadequately controlled cholesterol and blood pressure levels.  You get the picture.

Last but not least is inflammation.  You may not feel inflammation but all the toxins in our food and environment can cause low grade inflammation every single day. That can lead to memory loss and disease.  There are many herbs and foods that control inflammation and are easy to use like turmeric.

Make your health, vitality and energy a priority.  It is not hard and does not take up all your time. After all life is for living! To create your health and wellness plan, Call Doctor Leesa “The Natural Pharmacist”

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