Sheriff Adkinson Provides Testimony to Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement


Sheriff Michael Adkinson was invited to testify before the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and Administrative Justice. The hearing, held on Tuesday, June 20th, was an opportunity for Sheriff Adkinson to offer his perspective and insight on the accreditation of law enforcement agencies. In October 2019, President Trump signed Executive Order 13986 establishing the formation of the Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice to perform a national review of law enforcement.

Sheriff Adkinson

In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson authorized a similar commission to study ways to improve American efforts to fight crime and create public safety for all citizens. Attorney General William Barr has been tasked with the design, development and implementation which includes providing a report to the President, the Congress and law enforcement based on the findings and work of the Commission. An integral part of the Commission’s work is hearing from experts and practitioners with firsthand experience in the field about best practices, lessons learned, challenges, successful programs and initiatives, and innovative strategies to address and enhance law enforcement and the administration of justice. Sheriff Adkinson’s testimony on accreditation analyzed how and why agencies gain accreditation and areas of improvements. “I’m grateful for the unique opportunity to address the Commission,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “It’s important we use every situation as an opportunity to educate, learn, grow, and improve.”

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