Digestive Issues: Modern Life and Heavy Metals


By Heather Pierce

Digestive issues, anxiety, sleep disruptions, inflammation, brain fog. These are all symptoms of so many different health issues. One chronic health problem that is often overlooked with these symptoms and more is Heavy Metal Toxicity. Heavy metal toxicity can lead to lifelong health concerns including increasing the risk of cancer, damaging organs, memory issues, and many others. Unfortunately, toxic heavy metals are everywhere in our modern world. Aluminum cans, batteries, makeup, tooth fillings, cookware, even the food we eat and water we drink (pesticides and herbicides) are all sources of heavy metals. Our bodies work like a sponge to absorb all of those metals and they start to build up in our soft tissue. Avoiding heavy metal toxins even with an organic diet is almost impossible. Heavy metals are slowly poisoning us and put a serious burden on our immune system. This opens up our vulnerability to a variety of different illnesses. Start today to rid your body of these harmful heavy metal toxins. Incorporate these simple steps into your daily diet and routine.

Cilantro – Binds to metals and removes them through the digestive process.

Lemon Water – Enhances the water’s ability to latch onto metals and flush them out of your body.

Spirulina – Single celled organism that binds to metal.

At the Alternative Healing Center of NW Florida, we offer options to support you on your journey to detox from harmful heavy metals. Our HMD therapy consists of multiple sessions that include essential oils to help aid the body in detoxification by supporting your main systems. Lymph drainage removes waste and carries white blood cells that help prevent infection, massage, and infrared therapy. This combination helps you get back to living the life you deserve.

The body is designed to heal itself.

Heather Pierce is the owner of The Alternative Healing Center of NW Florida and a graduate of East West College of Healing Arts & The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. For more information, call 850-775-6345.