Making Beautiful Reefs


South Walton artificial reefs provide more than a great place to snorkel, they enhance the EcoSystem by providing fish and sea animals a place as a habitat. The reefs are discs mounted on fiberglass pilings which secure them in place providing a permanent reef.  Within 18 months from installation, they become the home of many species of fish.  Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach, Florida were the first to install EcoSystem Snorkeling reefs.  Grayton Beach recently installed artificial reefs and new reefs are being added in Miramar Beach this summer. The reefs are built using a patented design that incorporates limestone rocks into the design. David Walter of Walter Marine aka “The ReefMaker” has spent decades perfecting the amazing eco friendly habitats. The family owned business not only builds the reefs but they deploy them as well. The reefs can be installed in the surf next to the beach, to provide wave breakers as well as another tourist attraction that will in turn be a revenue generator for our community, providing great fishing expeditions, diving and enjoyment of seeing the many varieties of fish that accumulate around the reef.

EcoSystems are the only U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved snorkeling reef in the United States.   The harsh conditions from storm events in the surf don’t cause damage to these reefs because they are made to withstand such conditions. Made from natural Florida Limestone rock, they fit right over a fiberglass piling that is driven into the ocean floor.  This allows for a stable structure to be configured to meet any need, as well as making the perfect habitat for all marine life that normally live on natural reefs.  Within months the manmade properties are unrecognizable under layers of marine growth and animals.  Our reefs can be configured to the customers specifications such as the number of discs, spacing between discs, height above the bottom, and depth below the surface. The Ecosystem reef can even be designed to mimic natural reefs and can be deployed strategically to form interesting shapes like the turtle.