Lotus Life with Lauren Catanese


Shifting your vibration

There is only one emotion that truly exist in the world, love. Love encompasses all the emotions that makes us feel so good; happiness, joy, bliss, hope, kindness, euphoria, confidence, peace, gratitude all these are expressions of love. The opposite, fear is actually an illusion (more on that later) and it’s other illusionary counter parts show up as hate, anger, jealousy, guilt, rage, etc. The good news is the emotions of Love and Fear cannot exist at the exact same time within your mind. How can we go from feeling angry to at peace? There are lots of ways! The hardest thing about shifting your energy is not actually doing it, it’s first becoming aware that you are feeling something other than love, and then secondly, taking the time to love yourself enough to do something about it.

We are created from love. Love is our true nature. Our bodies, our minds, our souls all want to return to their natural state. Marianne Williamson, in her book, A Return to Love states,  “… our fear is not our ultimate reality, and it does not replace the truth of who we really are. Our love, which is our real self, doesn’t die, but merely goes underground. The spiritual journey is the relinquishment—or unlearning—of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.“  So how can we shift our energy? How can we get back to a state of love? Try out some of these, maybe it takes several of them, you may find certain ones work in different situations. But do yourself a favor, next time you are not feeling the love… try them out.  

10 Ways to Shift back into Love:

  • Breathing Techniques: check out Pranayama exercises
  • Body movement: Anything to get you out of your head and into your body, yoga, dancing, stretching, even simple movements can help shift the energy
  • Chanting or reciting positive mantras
  • Pitch your own hissy fit to get rid of that old anger; local Myofascial therapist Joel Mitchell shows you the way; check out his Facebook page Renegade Bodywork
  • Think of what you’re grateful for and allow the feeling of gratitude to fill you up.
  • Sit with the negative feelings; close your eyes, breath into wherever you feel the emotion, allow it to come out, allow it to expand, don’t be afraid to feel the pain, the hurt, anger; allow yourself to feel it. As you do you, will notice it will start to dissipate, and stay with it until it does. Sometimes we have emotions that just want to be expressed and instead we try to hide them because we are afraid of them or we judge ourselves for even having them. So sit with them for a minute, or however long it takes, breathe into them, give them thanks, forgive and accept them. They will go away.
  • Go out in Nature-hug a tree! Literally don’t knock it until you try it.
  • Meditate-go into silence
  • Do something kind for someone else: sometimes it takes just getting out of our head and into our hearts
  • Connect to your higher power and ask, pray, call on your spiritual guides to help you release anything other than love from within you or around you.