Local company provides an alternative to VRBO


Imagine South Walton without any vacation rentals. As you start to think about it, you will start to realize how much of our local economy is driven by vacation rentals. There are vacation rental management companies, as well as individuals who may offer as little as one rental, who together bring millions of people to our area. Many of these rentals get their bookings from VRBO. VRBO was an absolute necessity, they were king. However, as time went by the king raised his fees and changed how he ruled. The king was not happy just getting his fees. The king was worried that vacation rental owners would be able to bypass him and his fees, so he reduced the rental owners’ access to their guests, making it difficult to get their contact information. He also made it more difficult to get bookings unless the king received portions of the rent. That was before, now there is a new locally owned vacation rental portal website, DBO Vacation Rentals (DBOVacationRentals.com). Property managers and owners can list their rentals and book directly with the guests and unlike the king, owners get direct inquires to their email address that include all information the potential guest provides including email address and phone numbers.

DBO Vacation Rentals is more than a vacation rental portal it also shows listings for attractions, dining, shopping and services making it a one stop shop for vacationers. Property owners can get in front of potential guests while they are exploring things to do in the area catching them before they get to the booking stage, before they even search for vacation rentals, finding rentals before they go to one of the third party sites that charge booking commissions. Attractions, dining and service businesses. on the other hand, can get in front of potential guest before they get to the area while they are booking their vacation. They can even see where there rental is located in relation to the business giving them an advantage over businesses who have to wait until the guests are actually here. DBO uses a combined map display that shows rentals, attractions, dining and services on the same map. Why would anyone book a rental without knowing what’s around it?

Reasons to consider DBO:

  • DBO is Affordable (Approximately $150 per year for a single rental)
  • DBO is Locally Owned
  • DBO provides Bulk Discounts and works with property managers with bulk imports
  • DBO is Professionally Marketed to the Search Engines
  • There are NO per Booking fees
  • Links to your Property Website IS ALLOWED
  • Inquiry email addresses are provided with each inquiry
  • Features a Combined Rental and Attraction Map
  • DBO Vacation Rentals has no affiliation with VRBO

DBOVacationrentals.com website is maintained by AOS in Miramar Beach. There is life without VRBO for more information please call 850-460-2443.