Living Life in Small Groups


By Wendy Christian Whitney

“I want to live out my life without any friends at all,” said no one, ever.

Yet, our culture today keeps the majority of us isolated or too busy to cultivate true friendships.  Even when we attend community or church events, we tend to confine ourselves to ‘living in rows’. We are seated next to people we never truly get to know, much less develop a friendship with them. Hence the concept of Small Group communities, which is an intentional effort to develop a ‘circle of friends’.

Small Groups are typically based on topics of interest. One Small Group of guys I know in Destin, started locally by Pastor Jeremy Nennig, get together every week for Fantasy Football games.  Others meet regularly to discuss successful business strategy and some guys get together to challenge each other in physical competitions.

There are Small Groups for women that cover a plethora of interests, from scrapbooking, exercising, calligraphy, study groups and some, just to hang out at the beach!  Even young adults, find it safer and more fun to get involved in Small Groups, to develop true friendships between guys and girls.  Really, there are Small Groups available for almost every demographic, including widows, moms with small children, married couples, ‘empty nesters’ and everyone else who wants their own circle of friends.  There are several Small Groups already functioning successfully in SoWal County. Destiny Worship Center has over a hundred active groups in Destin, Panama City Beach, Freeport and in Crestview.  A list of these groups is available at under the “Connections” tab.  

These Small Groups are open to anyone, church and unchurched and everyone who wants to learn how to live their lives in circles…and not just in rows.

~Wendy Christian Whitney