Just Saying – spoken word


The Life That Some Dogs Lead

It all starts with the choice to breed,
Not even thinking it’s more mouths to feed.
So cute and cuddly when they arrive,
But how many of them will actually survive?
All these things they should consider,
Yet still they sell to the highest bidder.
Not even knowing where they’ll end up,
Sold one by one, every last pup.
So it begins, this vicious trend,
Breed and sell, it never ends.
Over and over, these poor dogs are bred,
While those in a shelter end up dead.
When will they stop and finally see,
Neutering their dog is the BIG key.
Day after day, hour after hour,
So many dogs left without power.
Beaten until they can’t take anymore,
Then left to die right on the floor.
Those that survive the constant beating,
Get thrown out and are barely eating.
Struggling to find a place to hide,
Wondering why their “family” had lied.
They were suppose to love them forever
And be by their side through whatever.
Now they’re left all alone
No food, no water, till they’re skin and bone.
Eventually ending up at the pound
Hoping someone will soon come around.

Even after all they’ve been through,
Their love for humans still remains true!

Written by: Christina Kimm