Just Sayin’ – Man in Blue


Man in Blue

by Wendy Lindemann

Wendy Lindemann

I spoke a prayer for you today
I asked God to keep you safe.
He placed you in my line of sight,
Your concerns upon my heart.

What other cares are on your mind,
As you work up there so high?
I see you ‘midst the tall pine trees,
Clad in a shade barely darker than the sky.

Who waits for you to finish work?
What else must yet be done?
I pray your loved ones let you know
How much you mean to them.

Your Heavenly Father knows your worth,
And watches you today.
May His angels guard you all
As you go upon your way.

I wonder then, who else will He
Place for me to see?
Will my eyes be open wide?
….Or will my focus be on me?

Born in Chicago, Wendy Lindemann likes to share that she met her husband in grade school and were married in their late teens. A printing convention in Sandestin first brought them to this area in the 1970s, and they returned each year for family vacations, developing a special love for the 30A area. After attending a reading at “The Spoken Word”, Wendy became inspired to share her reflections and faith in her own poetry.