Hope from a World Away

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By Kerri Mullins

Her husband passed away last year, leaving her as a widow with 3 beautiful children to care for and feed.  She accepted Jesus Christ through one of our Hope For The World national missionaries.  Because of her new-found faith in Christ, some of the people in her village attempted to beat her.  She managed to escape the beating, but her husband’s father was so upset, he took her rice paddy field away, which was her only source of income.  Our HFTW missionary went to the village to talk to the father in law and went to the authorities on her behalf.  She stayed with our missionary and his wife until the issue died down.  Finally, she was able to return to the village, but the paddy field was still taken away.  This is Somoli, (pictured above with her 3 children) and she lives in a village in Jharkhand, India. She is the only Christian in her village.  After sharing her situation, a HFTW India supporter felt compassion on Somoli and sent money to help her and her children. When our missionary gave her the funds, she was overwhelmed by God’s love and that He had heard her cries for help!  It was enough for her and her children to live on for a whole month!  It grew her faith and Somoli now knows God hears her and is powerful enough to use a woman on the other side of the world to meet her needs.  Her faith continues to grow as she trusts God each month for her needs.  The villagers are watching and cannot understand how her God listens to her as she prays to Him. With her witness, maybe they too will come to Christ!

Hope For The World is a Santa Rosa Beach based ministry currently sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through supporting missionaries in six countries. To learn more or to support Somali and her three children, please contact Hope for the World, P.O. Box 1463, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459, email info@hftw.org or call 877-815-4389.

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