Dr. Bart’s 4 Rules for WEIGHT LOSS


Healthy food background. Studio photo of different fruits and vegetables on old wooden table. High resolution product.Dr. Bart’s 4 Food Rules

“Wow!” That’s what I say to myself when I see the spectrum of conflicting, confusing, and often false information there is about nutrition and weight loss.  Commercials, “miracle products”, fat loss shakes, diet pills, body wraps, and who knows what’s next?! What’s clear is that this is a BIG and important topic. All of us are affected by our nutrition.

The challenge, as I see it now, is twofold. First, weight loss and nutrition need to be de-complicated. In this brief article, my 4 rules will give you a solid path to good health and your ideal weight. The second challenge is to get rid of the “quick fix syndrome.” This is not a quick fix article, but if you follow these four rules you will be quickly on your way to health.

Rule 1: Never Skip Breakfast

Abiding by this rule will be a game-changer for all of those who have ignored it for years. Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism.  We have all heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The body learns to slow down its metabolic rate and hold on to calories when we consistently skip meals.  If you just aren’t hungry in the morning—you will need to re-teach your metabolism how to get started and develop a morning appetite. What to eat for breakfast will be answered in Rule #4.

Rule 2: Never Get Full

Oh boy! Most of us are members of the “clean plate club,” which means we violate this rule almost daily. Essentially, getting full creates a stress response by your digestive system. Extra insulin, stomach acids, and even cortisol are released. These extra hormones and acids only lead to more disruption in digestion and blood sugar levels. Yet, maybe the most important thing to understand about this rule is that fat cells serve 2 primary purposes. 1. Fat stores toxins such as those found in processed foods, chemicals and stress hormones. 2. Fat stores “excess” energy.  Excess nutrients are stored in fat cells. This can even happen when overeating your grass-fed beef and organic spinach.

Rule 3. Drink 1 gal. H2O daily*

This is the easiest and most essential rule! If you are not drinking enough water to thoroughly flush out your body, you become toxic. And remember from Rule #2 that fat cells store toxins. Think of the difference between a river and a pond. The river is a natural filtering system with fresh water and a pond is stagnant where infection and toxicity can occur easily. Be like a river! *Ideally consume one half of your body weight in ounces daily. Clinically I find that although most people are aware of this, less than fifty percent do it.

Rule 4. The FFP rule!

This is the “what” to eat part. FFP stands for Fiber, Fat, and Protein. This is what you should have in all of your meals. This is a very simple and straightforward approach to always be certain you are eating in a healthy manner… don’t overcomplicate it! Fiber comes from fruits and veggies. Ideally, eat more veggies than fruits. The theory that fruits have too much sugar is simply not correct. All fruits and veggies have fiber, which is what expands your belly to signal your brain that you are satiated (full). Fat… yikes! Eat fat? Yes, eat healthy fats! Avocados, eggs, and coconut oil are a few good choices. Fats require your metabolism to speed up to be converted to energy. They are also the foundation of where all your hormones are made and are essential for healthy brain function. Like fiber, fats also signal your brain to be satiated. Lastly, Protein. Proteins are essential for brain function, immunity, musculoskeletal repair, and energy. The most usable proteins come from animal proteins. Animal proteins also come with healthy fats. Eggs are a great source of protein and fats. Eat the yolks!

Bonus tip: If you don’t know if a food is healthy, the answer is probably “NO.” Real, unprocessed foods that come from God’s Garden only.  Check out bartprecourt.com for more on God’s Garden. It’s that simple…You got this!