Destiny Worship Music “Never Fails”


We all know that South Walton is blessed with an abundance of musical talent. Almost any day of the week, we can pick a venue and experience a live performance. What you may not know is that a large majority of our talented musicians also play in church bands and participate in music ministry. These services span a wide range of denominations, but they all have this in common: amazing music that leaves you feeling good!

Never Fails

Often when one thinks of “Christian music,” ideas of boring, “not for me,” old fashioned, and maybe even, “I don’t like organ music,” come to mind. Well, let me tell you — there is a worship music movement sweeping the nation, and none of those ideas apply!

When it comes to Christian worship music, your immediate thought might go to bands like Hillsong United or Jesus Culture. Despite the big concerts and large crowds that they play for currently, these are two bands that started in local churches and developed a sound that touched the hearts and lives of thousands of people. Now, joining their ranks is Destiny Worship Music with a debut live worship album, Never Fails.

The group started out of Destiny Worship Center, an inter-denominational church that started in 2001 and is led by Pastor Steve Vaggalis. And in 15 years, they’ve grown from 100 congregants to over 4000 region wide (with locations in Crestview, Freeport and Panama City Beach). Their goal from day one was to help people fulfill their God-given destinies, and since then Destiny Worship has been doing just that. Embracing the musical gifts of the congregation, Destiny has taken their musical ministry to a whole new level!

never fails album coverRecorded during a night of worship, Never Fails was born out of the church and its members. Nate Kelly, Destiny’s Worship Pastor, has high hopes that this record will impact all those who hear it. “I hope when people hear this album, they are encouraged. These songs came out of our real-life situations, and we know they will apply to your life-situations.” He went on to tell of a specific story that led to the birth of one of the songs they sang that night. “The song ‘Miracle Maker’ came from a time when the son of one of our worship leaders had to be life-flighted to the ER. It’s one thing to sing about God being able to do miracles, but it’s another to live it. God has proven Himself faithful to us over and over, and that’s what these songs are all about.” Destiny Worship Music hopes that because they’ve developed their sound and written songs relevant to people’s circumstances, people will latch onto the promises of God being sung by the worship leaders, musicians, and congregation of Destiny Worship Center.

Never Fails is available for purchase on March 24th, 2017 on all major platforms. Find more information at