Beach Hits Radio


Hutto Media is proud to announce the return of “Beach Hits Radio” to the streaming internet with a new, permanent broadcast home;, serving the communities on the Emerald Coast of Florida!

Beach Hits Radio is known for a balanced mix of Reggae, Traditional Hawaiian, & Surf music as a sound track to the Emerald Coast experience. It’s a mix of Beach Music carrying the feel of Island time anywhere on Earth with an internet or mobile connection. The new Website (launched July 1st) also provides features to support Emerald Coast business and community resources.

In its new form, Beach Hits will act as an informational tourism arm, serving the Emerald Coast, in partnership with South Walton Life newspaper & corresponding website: South Walton Life will also provide regional event & news coverage.

President and General Manager James Hutto related how ““Beach Hits Radio was developed in 2011 after a month on the Windward side of Oahu island in the Hawaiian chain. I spent the entire time searching for a terrestrial/internet station that would play authentic beach music as a sound track for my family’s vacation. When I couldn’t find one, I flew back to Atlanta and began creating the perfect music mix to hold onto the feel of my time on the sand. Having relocated to the Emerald Coast in early 2017 my focus became how to serve these communities with great beach music and informative beach information!”


Whether on the beach or in the office cubicle, Beach Hits Radio is designed to provide a great music experience and provides incredible information and events calendar made available by partnership with SouthWalton.Life

Listen to the New Sound of South Walton through Desktop or Mobile site at