Annie Parker Jewelry: Rustic Cuffs and Stuff


Annie Parker Jewelry: Rustic Cuffs and Stuff

Annie Parker headshot
Annie Parker

Annie was born in North Carolina, blessed by the hand of God with an innate desire to create. A resident of the Florida panhandle for 10 years, Annie says, “The gulf has become a cornerstone in my life.” When in the studio, Annie is constantly experimenting with new design elements.

Her one of a kind pieces are a “fusion of western fashion and coastal life”. Each is handcrafted using bronze, copper and silver metal clay combined with leather.  Because there is no casting involved each piece is totally unique.

Annie Parker Cuffs and Purses photo courtesy of Annie Parker
Annie Parker Cuffs and Purses (photo courtesy of Annie Parker)

When not in the studio, she can often be found near the water, riding her bike, fishing or taking in an afternoon sunset.   What she loves the most, however, is creating jewelry and handbags.

Annie’s artistic sensibilities help her find inspiration from her surroundings and in the things and people who she loves most.

Annie Parker with her horse
Annie Parker with her horse (photo courtesy of Monica O’Flaherty)

“The rustic element of leather comes from my love of horses.” says Annie.  “The blank canvas of a piece of metal or leather allows me to indulge my creative spirit, as it becomes what I tell it to.  The result is a piece of unique wearable art that will evoke emotion and pleasure for the wearer.”


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