Just Sayin’


The moon has just risen,

Dark clouds drift by,

As I peer toward the lake,

With it’s reflection in my eye.



The rustling of the animals,

The  birds in the trees,

Remind me of happiness,

And old memories.



I think of old thoughts,

And just laugh them by…

As slowly now,

I begin to cry.

I’ve left my life,

Of pain and frustration,

To make this final transformation.

Into a wave of thought so clear,

I will rise above the atmosphere.

So come now brothers,

Take my hand.

Let me guide you into our freedom land.

  • John V. Ciervo

As a resident of Santa Rosa Beach John says he is permanently grateful to be here amongst awesome white sandy beaches and groovy cool people. “I wake up smiling and I go to bed smiling!” -John